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There is a new skin care line in Winnipeg, and your skin will love you for it!

I would like to introduce you to ENVIRON!

Environ is a globally recognized and loved Professional skincare brand that is built on science, beauty and care. And in our world, the health, beauty and skincare world, beautiful, healthy-looking skin is the NORM not the expectation.

These are not empty claims.  Environ is based on science.  Developed by the top 10 plastic surgeon is the world!  They believe that Vitamin A is the cornerstone to healthy skin.  That Vitamin A is the “OXYGEN” that skin needs to look healthy and beautiful for life.

How does Environ introduce Vitamin A into the skin?

Through Environ’s Vitamin Step-Up System!  This system was created to help skin become comfortable with increased levels of Vitamin A and other ingredients from one level to the next so that skin can be reborn and look healthy and beautiful for a lifetime!  Your skin will be healthier and younger looking!  Doesn’t EVERY woman want that!

OK, if this wasn’t enough?!

Environ is one of a select few skincare companies in the world that has been awarded The Swiss Vitamin Institute seal that guarantees the active vitamin strength in their products!

You cannot buy Environ on-line.  It can only be purchased from a trained skincare professional.  Winnipeg’s only Environ Stockist is Self Aesthetics.  We offer Environ’s Step-up system, their B-Active line for acne, a cosmetic roller for deeper penetration of Vitamin A, and a select few their amazing products.  Environ will change your skin and it will be #rebornbeautiful


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